Secondary Curriculum Overview

For most students, Secondary education normally starts at age 11 in Year 7. Typically, students remain until at least Year 11 when they take the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE exams. Those interested in going to university, can take the Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level (AS and A Level) examinations in years 12 and 13.

For the first three years (Lower Secondary), students will study a broad range of subjects such as Maths, Sciences, English, Music, etc. When they reach Year 10, students enter into a 2-year Upper Secondary phase that prepares them for the IGCSEs.

The final two years of schooling are dedicated to the Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level examination courses. Recognised worldwide, they offer students the flexibility of a completely free choice of subjects. This ensures that a student could specialise in the sciences, the arts or languages, or take a broad range of subjects from across different disciplines.

At MIS, we recognise that dedication to academic courses is not the right fit for all, so we are flexible in our offering and support individual learning needs.

Curriculum Overview: Key Stage 3 - Key Stage 6
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